I Had A Dream

last night, and man it was awful. Really bad! In the dream, I was in Silent Witness, and we were investigating the ‘death dungeon’ of someone or other. There was a man lying eviscerated on a bed and a baby, also eviscerated, suspended over him. Then a woman came in, and skewered herself on an enormous fork for some reason. We all tried to escape, and helped the bloke who somehow came back to life. But just as we were about to escape on a plane, the people who were responsible for all this blew the plane up.

Not quite sure where that came from.

I have been rather bad this week. First of all I didn’t Magnuss Magnusson (started-so-I’ll-finish) three (count’em!) books. (I have edited this as I wound up talking about these in the Book at Bathtime Post.)

I had better luck with The Beacon by Susan Hill. I do love Hill’s work. This little book, about a family torn apart by one member’s seemingly vindictive action, is exquisitely written with characters very well drawn. It appears to be a rather placid tale of family, but there is an air of menace lurking in the pages. On the last page – and, no, DON’T go on and read it first, like I used to do with books! – I felt as if I’d drained a comfortable cup of tea and found a fly in the bottom of the mug. But in a good way.

I then started A Circle of Sisters but I have pressed pause on that because another Susan Hill book – Dolly – has come into the library. It is another ghost story and I am ridiculously excited about its arrival, a dark green slim volume sitting quietly on my pillow until I’m ready for it.

I thought I had posted this but it appeared to have saved without publishing. It makes sense to post it now, though I wrote it on Jan 26th.


One thought on “I Had A Dream

  1. Last night I had two dreams. In the first I was trying to persuade Judi Dench not to resign as Head of Business Development at our company because she was so brilliant to work with. In the second I was battling man-sized wasps. I have no idea what they mean.

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