Random Thoughts – Squashes, and Being Nice

I stuffed a squash with leeks and cheese this evening. When I took it out of the fridge I realised its “best before” date was 3rd March 2012. However it looked, and tasted, as good as new.

The longevity of the squash has impressed me. Its life had been planned out and yet it had beaten Asda’s expectancy a thousand fold, with nary a wrinkle nor a blemish. There’s a metaphor in there somewhere. But tonight, all that was in there was leeks and Manchego.

Somehow, that was enough.


I had a bloody awful day yesterday. REALLY vile. My temptation when I feel bad is to make someone else feel bad. It’s why bullies should be pitied because they’re mostly miserable insecure people (but I’ve yet to find a piteable bully). Instead, I made a concerted effort to make people happier. I wrote a letter to the hospital thanking the staff for their care over Fingergate, and I rang someone whose leaflets had been dumped on our doorstep, rather than sending them all back in a non-stamped envelope as I was tempted. He had been paying someone to deliver, so I dropped someone else in it, but he was very grateful. It was a bit of an effort to be nice rather than being a cow, but I felt better about it in the long run. It goes back to trying to be like the Queen again.

I wasn’t quite so nice to someone in our residents’ car park (RESIDENTS ONLY). There was a big bang (not a universe-creating-one) outside my window and it turned out a bloke in a van had driven straight into another bloke’s (very smart) car and chopped the front off, literally. I felt a bit bad for him, as he was obviously shocked and it could happen to anyone if you weren’t paying attention. Later that evening I came home to discover someone had parked their van over two bays in our RESIDENTS ONLY carpark. I wrote a (fairly polite) note pointing out that the can had been parked inconsiderately. I came out the next day and the van had been moved – and it had a massive hole in its front. It was the van wot had had the crash. So not only had the poor bloke caused huge amounts of damage to his van and someone else’s car, he’d had a (fairly shitty) note left on said van. Mea culpa, not half. The Queen would not have left a note, but in fairness she would probably have had the van clamped…


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