Random Thoughts – Cry Me A River

Books wot have made me cry:


Emily of New Moon

I remember reading this in bed and getting to the page where Emily has to choose between her cats, and I wept and wept. L M Montgomery’s writing is beautiful – her eye for detail, her lush descriptions, her well-drawn characters and gentle but fascinating tales are the perfect antidote to the hectic self-absorbed digital age. If I ever have a daughter I will buy her them all. I only have gerbils at the moment, who are more likely to chew books than read them.


Skin Privilege

Karin Slaughter’s crime novels are original and shocking. I really enjoy the way that she writes stories, with real characters. not just pages of blood. I am in no way going to ruin the ending of this book by telling you why I cried, but I sobbed great gulping tears, and I actually had to get my housemate to read the end of the book too so that I wasn’t “the only one” who’d read it. (When I was younger words had a huge power over me and this rather primitive emotion still comes on me now, without me realising it.) My reaction shocked me and I felt one day I want to make someone cry like that. (Over a book I mean – not in real life!)


The Plague Dogs

I haven’t read Richard Adams’s more famous Watership Down but I enjoyed The Plague Dogs, far earlier than I should have done, and rejoiced at the ending. Then I saw the film of the book and realised I’d misinterpreted it, and burst into rather predictable tears which mean I can’t read the book again. I have tried and my throat tightens and my stomach pulls into knots as I get towards the “keep swimming, keep swimming”… bit. The worst bit is knowing that the experiemnts Adams describes all really happened to animals.


Let Not The Waves of the Sea

Simon Stephenson’s brother was lost, and then eventually found, following the horrendous Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004. This book is Simon’s gift to his brother – his story of the tragedy, his search for Dominic, and his reconciliation with his brother’s death.  It is a true love story – that of one brother to another. It is gut-wrenchingly honest, and I found grief laid bare difficult to read at times, but it was impossible to close.  The book starts in torment, but reaches some sort of quiet peace at the end and you feel like you’ve followed the family through on their voyage of recovery.

I will add more but I am supposed to be in bed before 2200 tonight and it’s 2211 already, and I’ll turn into a pumpkin if I don’t hurry up. Tell me yours in the interim please…


2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts – Cry Me A River

  1. Many books have made me cry but I can’t think of any right now! I do find that I cry much more easily at books and films than when I was younger though.. . the perils of old age!

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