Random thoughts – spiders

The worst places to find spiders? Following my experiences in the last 48 hours, here are mine so far.

1. Crawling out of the loo seat when you’ve just been sitting on it.

2. In your bedding in the morning when you straighten it. Squashed.

Share yours.


2 thoughts on “Random thoughts – spiders

  1. When you go to the fridge in the middle of the night without turning the lights on, open the fridge, grab a bottle of milk, have a swig, go to put the milk back and in the stream of light shining from the fridge you can now see a spider on the floor inbetween you and the fridge.

    • Heh! Evil! One did this to me this week too. I went to my bedrooom and there was no spider. I turned around and there one was. Rather than put it out of the window like I normally do, I tiptoed outside in my dressing-gown and shoved it out of the corridor window so it can bother my neighbours instead. It must be the same spider resurfacing as it’s been 3 days without another one. Fingers crossed…

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