To read, perchance to dream…

Technically, I should be in bed. Since about the age of 9 I have had a Thing about being in bed after 2300¬† and it hasn’t changed since I have hit 33. But I have been busy and a phone call with a broken-hearted friend lasted well over an hour. I got away with doing the washing up and making¬† a bean soup in it but I couldn’t catch up with Ian Brady at the same time (watch him on TV I mean not Skype him) so then I had to do that, and somehow I have eaten a huge bag of M&S crisps that I have had since 21st July – my birthday (they were bought for entertaining friends, they weren’t a rather crap gift) and I still haven’t done my nails and so I thought bugger it I might as well start this blog wot I thought I would start doing on holiday.

The reasons I have started this blog are several. The first is that I read like the proverbial trooper smokes. I have read voraciously as soon as I figured out that letters put together made words, and books that perhaps I shouldn’t (I’ll post in due course about my experience with Ladybird’s version of Dracula, and how I got most of my sex education from Jilly Cooper’s Rivals but not right now – I want to leave you in antici


and moreover I need to go to bed). But reading is pretty much my life. (Well I do do lots of other things, I’m not a social outcast, but reading for me is like breathing and I don’t quite know what people do if they don’t do it. What do you do? On the train/in a waiting room/on public transport / in the bath / sunbathing / brushing your teeth / putting on body lotion / eating?

So that is the first reason.

The second is that writing is as important to me as reading, and I wrote my first book when I was four. I still have it. It’s about babies. I felt naughty because I wrote the word ‘breast’ in it. If you think that is racy you should have seen some of the stuff I wrote in my teens (and my dad very nearly DID – ‘cut’ is not another word for ‘delete’ and yes if you press ‘paste’ it comes back on the screen!). For many years all I did was write (apart from read) – I wrote 2 books during my GCSEs (I did revise for my exams as well but that got a bit boring sometimes). I’ve lost my writing mojo and I want to get it back and I thought that blogging might help.

Thirdly I used to keep a reading diary noting down all the books I read, and I found this really bloody useful because often I would think of a line/character/event from a book and by going through my reading diary I could pick out what book it was from. I’ve stopped doing that. I used to keep a daily diary from the age of 9 (what a seminal age that was!) until I was about 28. I think I should start again. Not because I did anything of particular interest but because I would like to look back on my life when I am old and gre y and read about how I did nothing of particular interest. Occasionally things of interest do happen to me. Like when I went dogging by mistake. Or when I got my life nearly threatened by a bloke with a machete when I yelled at him to shut up. Or when I went to bed and owned 4 gerbils, woke up and I had 19. A friend (Steve Day, if you’re reading Steve) said to me “Things just seem to HAPPEN to you Elly” which is true – I can’t remember what sparked him saying that but obviously something had happened. I will rootle around in my brain and try to remember what it is was in case it too is of vague interest.

The fourth reason is that I like telling people what I read and getting ideas of what to read. So I figured a blog was as good a way to do this as any.

Anyway that’s me in a nutshell. I read A Lot on holiday and I might write about those books. But not tonight Josephine.